Did you get lost someday? Driving brand modern car, using BMW SIRIUS device with build-in navigation with in CIC retrofit option throught high mountains in Europian countries.. Naught is greater. Did is it enough for fastidious person? Not for all. Someone who has knowledge about cars and automotive, will see that this machine can more. You can demand way more from that machine. First of all we analize auto-updates. It is nothing more annoying than going on the way tracked by navigation and stray in woods.


Autor: Andrew Gregg
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Roads are closing and rebuilding everyday and day by day. Occasionally an info about troubles is only on the Internet at regional websites. Later occurs to the aid live updates with currently situation on the trail. It is so helpful and can take care of the day with family or with someone close. Secondly we can think about entirety and don’t wasting your time holding map on your thighs. Using voice navigation it is probable following instructions without taking your eyes. It is necessary particulary on bigger journeys. You are able to choose one of the voices which are in database.

Lady’s, men’s or different one being part of famous person or character from fairy tale. It is so much lovely than typical speech synthesizer. It is totally harmonizes with full mute inside a auto. Did you can want more? Yes, sure. BMW SIRIUS offer 3D view over nearest district which we choose to watch in current view. Owning to that choice we are able to suppose where we are only study the buildings. Installation mechanism is truly simple.

Of course – you also can commission it to the technican but with some videos on youtube and clean commands we can install it on one’s own. Of course, on one’s own responsibility too but why spend cash for things that we can do without any expert help. And finally one last case is to upgrade the system and enjoy your trip. BMW has taken navigation to different level. Level of modern, complex and connected mechanisms. When you will have to choice to pick a car with or without that system let’s choose prudently.
— November 29, 2022