At the moment in Poland plenty of individuals own their smaller or bigger firms. Sometimes it is just a tiny grocery store, next time it’s large factory, which is making elements of the machines.

Also, people are making their personal recipes on cheeses and different ecologic goods, which are very common. When you are a businessman, who wish to space widely to different country, you should select Russia.
Since Poland became member of EU, borders are open for polish investors, so they can distribute their products in Western Europe – . Although the field in there is stuffed, that is why it is not entirely wise idea to risk that way.

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Better method is to try yourself in Russia. Market in there requires a lot of stuff and there is a lot of potential buyers for you. But at start, you need to get GOST certification. This type of paper should open each doors in front of you. Plenty of goods in this country, such as each type of foods, need to get this certificate just to pass the borders of this place. But if you are producing machines for example, you don’t require GOST Russia, theoretically. But in practice, if your products do not have it, nobody will buy it from you. Because citizens of this country really trust this thing. So, you should get GOST certification imMediately. But how? It is simple, you just need to hire a special company, which is highly qualified in this topics. They will proceed everything in your name, you just have to give them every paper they requires and then pay them for the service – gost Russia.


Autor: Lukas Plewnia
GOST Russia is really important certification in this place.

Plenty of products require it just to cross the border of that country, so if you’re manufacturing your own cheese, you need to get GOST. But also if you’re in industrial field, it’ll be good for your interest to have a GOST, cause Russian customers really trust it.
— May 18, 2020